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After graduating from Arts Magnet in 1991, Arlo spent a few ignominious semesters at the University of Texas at Austin before moving to California to pursue a career in action sports. In 1994 Arlo won the first National Inline Skate Series (NISS) held in Venice Beach, California and in 1996 he won a gold medal for inline street skating in the X Games. In 1997 Eisenbergs Skatepark opened in Historic Downtown Plano, Texas.

Even as Arlo was competing and traveling the world he was leveraging the creative energy and skills that were fostered from an early age at Arts Magnet. Arlo started many successful action sport companies, including Senate, an inline accessories and lifestyle company, that at its peak was valued at over 13 million dollars.

As Arlo transitioned to a life after skating he was able to parlay the skills he picked up working on his own brands into a bonafide career in graphic design. Among Arlo’s jobs (post-skating career) were Art Director, designing T-shirt graphics, for Paul Frank Industries and Creative Studio Manager for Fuse Interactive, a full-service Design Agency in Laguna Beach whose main account was Kawasaki Motorcycles Corp.

In 2014, after over twenty years in Southern California, Arlo was faced with an opportunity to come back to Dallas that he just couldn’t pass-up. Arlo’s father, Arthur Eisenberg, who is a DSVC (Dallas Society of Visual Communications) Lifetime Award recipient and who has been running his own Creative Agency, Eisenberg And Associates, in Dallas for over forty years invited Arlo to come back and work with him.

Now, finally back home in Dallas, Arlo can put his years of experience to work for the family business and he can give back to the city, and the high school, which gave so much to him.
I first learned about Arts Magnet when I was in 6th grade, attending Hamilton Park Elementary School in Dallas. My mother “discovered” the school (this was before the internet), and I knew immediately it was where I wanted to be.

I bussed the next couple of years across town to W.E. Greiner Middle School in Oak Cliff, explicitly with the intention of getting into Arts. Greiner had an Arts Academy (and a gymnastics program for some reason??) and the idea was that Greiner would better prepare me for the application process at Arts.

My gymnastics career never really took off, but I did get accepted into ARTS and spent all four years there before graduating in 1991. I spent time in both Visual and Theatre, but really majored in Chili Cook-offs. I truly and genuinely loved everything about my experience at Arts and to this day so much of my world-view and my approach to experiences, relationships, work and problem-solving are guided by the values and the skills that I learned at Arts Magnet.
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