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Creighton Yost is the Senior Director of Search for Getty Images, the worlds preeminent photo, illustration and video licensing and editorial rights company. He studied Visual Arts at Booker T Washington, with a focus on sculpture. He obtained his BFA in photography from Kansas City Art Institute, an MBA from University of Massachusetts, and has completed special operations training for the US Army at the JFK School of Special Warfare, and is a combat veteran of Iraq.

The continual threads of creativity, observation and critique have been the constant shaping forces behind a successful career that spans several industries. Refusal to adopt a Whats your 5 year plan? plan and a desire to always take the road less taken despite assurance of outcome, and armed only with curiosity and discipline, has been the root of success that was seeded and nourished by Booker T Washington.

Establishment of a successful career as a photographer working with clients such as Neiman Marcus and American Express provided insight into what makes an image beautiful and commercially viable. This knowledge opened doors to an opportunity to innovate creatively in visual merchandising for REI, creating content for and launching their first web site and social media presence. The balancing of creative team management and business processes resulted in being recruited by the startup that resulted in nearly 10 years of managing online merchandising, marketing and content programs that defined an industry. After a year of deployment to Iraq as a US Army Psychological Operations combat team leader, and three years executive producing award winning commercials and videos for Dell computers, the current role in IT as the owner of the global search results algorithms and search user experiences for Getty Images presented itself.
Hearing a saxophonist practice in the halls, watching the costumes and sets get made for a performance, or even my own personal perfect moment of quietly welding the final pieces onto a sculpture in the yard. Each was meaningful and formative for me as I was exposed to something powerful, unique and quite clearly very special each day of my high school career. Admittedly I didnt know how wide the world was then, like I do now, nor did I know how my education or career was going to land me on my feet, much less what my next step was. Id like to share what Ive learned from then until now. Im available for any questions anyone at Arts might have about anything. Your success as an Arts alumnus is important to me, as you are my reputation as much as I am your reputation, so I look forward to being a hand up, or at least an ear to listen.
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