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Nic joined in 2012 as Sr. Creative Director, bringing with him over 20 years of interactive, traditional, viral and social media experience. He is an award-winning interactive and traditional Creative Director who is inspired by the impossible, motivated by challenge and passionate about performance. He has an exciting and data-driven approach to marketing with extensive experience that reaches to from design to digital delivery in such categories as CPG, restaurant, travel & hospitality, retail, healthcare, entertainment and financial services. His drive for doing great work has helped him establish, grow and maintain amazing teams that create award-winning work.

Currently Nic is reshaping both the creative and culture of His passion for his work place is reflected in his appointment as the Chairman of the Match Culture committee where he is helping establish a passionate, vibrant, creative, and compassionate and just all around badass place to work. He oversees the creative for all of the Match Core properties (Match, Chemistry, Delightful, PeopleMedia, etc.). He and his team also support PR, Marketing, HR, Match Media and Business Development and helped win partnerships with Starbucks, MLB, Mensa, American Heart Association and more. He has been instrumental in taking the Match brand and pushing it to new level including updating the Match brand, creating an award winning - best in class iOS APP (now ranked #10 top grossing app in the world), and more.

Previously, Nic help invigorate the digital creative offerings of RAPP, infuse his knowledge into their creative team and helped push innovation on all his accounts. He helped launch new programs such as the award winning AMC Stubs,, HP Rebrand, The Knack by Michaels and more. Nic also helped build and push the industry-recognized interactive presence for Slingshot LLC, developing digital work for Jack Daniels, Joes Crab Shack, Hertz Neverlost, LaLa Foods, WeightWatchers and more. Earlier in his career, Nic established and grew a successful advertising and marketing agency that worked with a large range of clients large and small including, Nationwide Insurance, SMU, Habitat for Humanity, Baldwin Pianos, Brown Forman, H-E-B, Renaissance & Starwood Hotels, The Home Depot and Prudential Realty, to name a few.

As a young designer, he worked in a variety of the industries (client side) to gain hands on experience and to get an inside-out view of the business sector. This viewpoint allows him to see things from the clients’ perspective, understanding their challenges for a 360° approach to problem solving and developing big ideas.

With a proven record of open client-agency relationships not to mention a distinctive aesthetic sense, Nic has a passion to inspire great design and ideas in a team environment. He has the ability to set vision and drive concepts and strategies through the entire creative and development process.
As a kid growing up in Oak Cliff, I was fortunate and unfortunate enough to go to Griener. An art teacher there (Ms. Reid) saw me getting my ass kicked on a regular basis and took me under her wing. The biker babe she was, no one would mess with her. She pushed me to create visual art I never thought I was capable of. She pushed me to go to Arts. And I auditioned.

People talk about remembering college as the best time of their lives, I remember ARTS as the best times. From the days of Helping create SOTA (state of the ARTS) our first school newspaper where we actually did all our layouts digitally and sold ads going business to business (Thanks Ms. Parker), to welding until my feet hurt from standing so long (Thanks Mrs. Eldridge), to the wonderful world of lithography and printmaking (thanks Ms. Diskey). Arts gave me every tool I needed to do exactly what I do now. I owe everything to Arts. My confidence in my work, my ability to present, my ability to sell my work, my drive to only do what I am passionate about. Arts shaped everything about the way I work everyday.

To be included in the Alumni if such an amazing place is a blessing and an honor. Not a day goes by that someone or something about Arts is not said to me or seen by me. The reach the school has on the world is incomparable.
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