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Peter Odum is a working artist, maintaining a regular practice of painting and printmaking. He currently does much of his work in the persona of Monkeynaut, who creates retro science fiction- and Dia de los Muertos-inspired linocut prints. Peter recently had his first One-Person Show of paintings and prints at the Panorama Gallery in Oakland, CA. He shows and sells his work online at,, and

A graduate of Southern Methodist University (B.F.A. Painting, B.A. Art History) and the Arts Magnet High School/Booker T. Washington H.S. for Performing and Visual Arts, Peter is a classically trained painter and printmaker. Fluent in French and Spanish (and giving Mandarin a try), he enjoys travel, photography, and roughhousing with his kids, Sam and Irene.

Director of Design, Captricity
As an accomplished digital artist and data architect, Peter Odum brings nearly two decades of design expertise to the creation of compelling interactive user experiences.

Peter's creative focus and deep understanding of modern online user engagement has resulted in the development of intuitive, highly flexible digital experiences for: Sutter Health, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Blurb, Bank of America, Leapfrog, The New York Times, NetApp, Virgin Atlantic, Wells Fargo, and other major brands.

Peter has spent a total of about 9 years crafting interactive experiences for games. He was most recently the Director of Creative Services at Disney Interactive, where he devised rich socially networked game web sites and platforms. There he also fulfilled a lifelong dream by designing the UI for the Star Wars Commander mobile title. Early in his career Peter helped design and realize the advanced Pogo Gems micro-transaction system for Electronic Arts.

Interspersed with game work, Peter has also held senior interaction design positions at San Francisco digital agencies Punchcut, Gyro, Fluid, and most recently Propane Studio.
I feel incredibly lucky to have attended the Arts Magnet. I found so many kindred spirits and new influences there, and learned the realities and pleasures of working in the arts, even at a time when the arts in general were being publicly vilified and de-funded in Washington. I lovingly remember Ms. Polly Diskey and all she taught me about printmaking (so much that my college printmaking courses were mostly review), and the way painting teacher George Mosley taught us all to work fiercely and long, but also approach our work with a sense of questioning and irreverence, not assuming we had all the answers up front. I remember friends from all different clusters, performing, dancing, playing in the hallways, and how they inspired me, and pushed me to find new ways of working and thinking. I owe much of my own love of art and my confidence in myself to this fantastic school. While I don't doubt that the school has continued to evolve through the years, I am certain it still retains its fundamental purpose: helping artistic students of all kinds (many of whom don't fit well into typical Texas high schools) to find their real purpose and expression in life. I am eager to give a bit of time and energy back to the students, to bring about this goal.
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