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Sarah Holbert is an executive at ABC where she works in Broadcast Standards & Practices. Fans of 30 Rock might understand her occupation best as Kenneth the Pageís job in Season Six when he reported to the Head of Standards, Gaylord Felcher. For those who arenít familiar with the show, Sarah is part of a large team of people who review every single thing that goes on air and makes sure it is in line with the ABC brand and also is appropriate for broadcast, as mandated by the FCC.

Working in Standards is much more awesome than it sounds. The job involves going on set to monitor the fairness of gameshows, briefing contestants prior to competition series, and pushing the almighty censorship button during live broadcasts. Sarah has worked on the Academy Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelorette, and others. Prior to working in Alternative Programming at ABC, Sarah spent five years in Scripted Programming at ABC Family, where she worked on dishy hits like Pretty Little Liars, Twisted, and Bunheads.
I began in Dance and ended up in Theater, which I believe is pretty common among dancers, as some people tell you youíre basically over-the-hill by 16. (DANCERS: youíre not! Keep dancing! Itís so fun and sometimes terrible but mostly fun!) I will say that the theater department helped me find my voice and coax me out of my silent ballerina shell. It was magnificent. The skills I learned from Ms. Cogdill and Ms. Farris stayed with me through college (where I ended up majoring in acting) and well beyond. I am indebted to them.

I also met my husband at Arts. We didnít date in high school, but I snapped him up after college, so donít throw away those yearbooks, kids! You never know whoís going to end up being perfect for you!
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